Chrstopher Ball biography
Christopher Ball is a British clarinettist, composer and conductor Ball was born in Leeds, England, and studied clarinet and piano at the Royal Manchester College of Music where his contemporaries included John Ogdon, Peter Maxwell Davies, and Harrison Birtwistle….
Christopher Ball publications
Checkout Christopher Ball’s smaller projects to buy such as Pan Overheard for Treble Solo, Pan Overheard for Descant or Tenor, Pagan Piper for Tenor or Treble and more much more!
Christopher Ball RecordingsCheckout Christopher Ball’s master pieces and read the reviews from some of his timeless classics such as Christopher Ball and Stjepan Hauser, Christopher Ball: Horn Concerto Clarinet Concerto / Flute Concerto, Christopher Ball Piper of Dreams and much more! Chrstopher Ball gallery
An abiding interest has been photography – Chris won the Zenith Photographer of the Year competition in 1971, with a spectacular picture of a snarling tiger, which was published in photographic magazines worldwide, and which graces this article.

Featured Music

CELLO CD FRONT COVERAn Englisth SerenadePraetorius: DancesCeltic TwilightThe Piper of Dreams


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